12 years of Brewery Bamberg!

That day my friends, on December 10, 2017 we celebrate 12 years of Bamberg Brewery in style, with great partners, food trucks, stands, shops, shows with bands Valveline and Raimundos, special presentation of the Band Without Name by Alexandre Bazzo and Stela Maris.

We thank our spectacular staff, the staff, all the sponsors, partners and supporters who believed in the party, and helped us create a fantastic event.

We especially thank the loyal audience, who sold out, participated in social networks and enjoyed the party!

Everything we do is thinking of you.

See more on the official Bebo page at https://www.facebook.com/bebosocialmente

Sente só o clima de como foi o Bebo Socialmente Especial: 12 anos de Bamberg + Raimundos, com esse vídeo feito pelo Lobotomia. Tava bem bão viu!Em breve tem mais novidades. Fiquem ligados. ;)#Bamberg12anos #Raimundos#Cervejariaindependente #CervejaDoBairro #BeboSocialmente

Posted by Bebo Socialmente on Thursday, December 21, 2017