Bamberg Mosh Pit

Mosh Pit Ale is a Doppelsticke transformed by Bamberg® into a black, smoked beer with a strong personality. A true thump of powerful flavor, more alcoholic and with more hops. Like the famous punk wheels, it impresses those who see from the outside and surprises who has the courage to prove it, revealing a good and legitimate fun. Harmonizes with full-bodied, spicy dishes, moldy or long-ripened cheeses and chocolate-based desserts.

IBU = 60
EBC Mosh pit = 74
Alcohol Content: 8%
Ideal temperature: 8 ° to 10 ° C

Awards & Reviews

Mais um vídeo explicando uma de nossas sazonais, a Bamberg Moshpit Ale. Dessa vez os caras perderam a noção.

Posted by Cervejaria Bamberg on Tuesday, July 18, 2017