The Bamberg Brewery was born from a dream, where the main mission is to expand the brewing culture and present to the Brazilians, a diversified and conscious way to drink beer.
The choice of name was a way of paying homage to the German city of Bamberg, the world beer capital. And since December 18, 2005, this dream has come true. We chose to produce only German styles of beer, from the classics to our own inspirations, always following the German Law of Purity.
In each sip of our beers, we provide the consumer with a trip through the history of German beers. We make beers with soul, with personality and thus we can help to give a new meaning to the scene of beers in Brazil. We also make a valuable contribution to the production of rock band beers, which was a perfect match. The musical style follows our origins and we have a relationship of much complicity with all the musicians who elected us to produce their beers.
Over the years, the Bamberg Brewery has gained recognition from critics specialists, from national and international media, Brazilian consumers and already has more than 170 Awards conquered around the world. The reason is simple: every day we make beer with the same affection, passion and commitment of always, because we know that in this way, we will never lose our essence.

Av. Antônio Castanharo, 555
Parque Jataí • Cep 18117-330 • Votorantim - SP
(15) 3242.7685 / 9 9123.3478