Here Beer Turns Rock!

Bamberg is made up of people. Real people, who enjoy a good sound and make a real beer with
water, malt, hops, yeast with a lot of respect for you.

About the brewery

In each sip of our beers, we provide the consumer with a trip through the history of German beers. We make beers with soul, with personality and thus we can help to give a new meaning to the scene of beers in Brazil. We also make a valuable contribution to the production of rock band beers, which was a perfect match. The musical style follows our origins and we have a relationship of much complicity with all the musicians who elected us to produce their beers.

Over the years, the Bamberg Brewery has gained recognition from critics specialists, from national and international media, Brazilian consumers and already has more than 200 Awards conquered around the world. The reason is simple: every day we make beer with the same affection, passion and commitment as always, because we know that in this way, we will never lose our essence.

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Our Beers

Bamberg O Calibre
Bamberg Weizenbock Dunkel
Bamberg Altbier CPM 22
Bamberg Votorantinner Sauer
Bamberg Camila Camila
Bamberg Sepultura Weizen
Bamberg Sepultura Ale
Bamberg Kölsch
Bamberg München

Bamberg Express

At the meeting with friends or at the company's fraternization, Bamberg celebrates! On every special occasion, the Bamberg Express takes the best of the handmade draft beer to you. Check out where to find it and how to install the coop.


Antônio Castanharo, 555 - Pq. Jataí
15 3242.7685/3242.8181
11 99123.3478


Rua Dona Luisa de Gusmão, 527 - Taquaral
19 3381-7823
19 97161.9650

Laranjal Paulista

Rua Princesa Isabel, 155- Centro, Laranjal Paulista
15 3283-1036
15 99631-5154


Av. Mariano de Souza Mello, 350 - Bairro Mogilar
11 2312.2327
11 97665.8867


Av. Afonso Pena, 507 - Estuário
13 3394-8425
13 99165.8641

São Paulo – MOEMA

Av. dos Carinás, 448 - Moema
11 2924-7572
11 99464.1593

São Paulo – PERDIZES

Rua Cayowaá, 573 – Perdizes
11 3672-4443
11 97610.0099


Apenas Delivery
15 99722.0738


Av. Pedro Soares de Camargo, 210 – Bairro Anhangabaú
11 4586-7532
11 99787.9522


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12 years of Brewery Bamberg!

December 10, 2018:.

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